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Indoor Riding

Mikes Bike Park has two floors of indoor riding for all ages and ability levels.  Beginners will enjoy our "Green Line" and the Huffy Room while more experienced riders can find hundreds of amazing lines throughout the park.  All riders must have a waiver on file.  If you need to complete a waiver CLICK HERE.  All participants who are 12 years old or younger must have an adult who is at least 18 years of age with them the entire time they are at Mikes Bike Park.

Safety is very important at Mikes Bike Park so all riders must wear a helmet.  We have rental helmets available or you can purchase your own helmet from our full-service bicycle shop.  It is important that riders pay attention to the rules, ride within their ability level, and always follow the arrows on the ramps.  

Everyone's Invited

Our facility is fun for all kinds of riders and we allow the following to use our facility:  
- Bikes (Mountain Bikes, BMX, Dirt Jumpers, Ebikes, Push Bikes, Unicycles)
     *Bikes with gas motors are not allowed at Mikes Bike Park
- Scooters
- Skateboards and One Wheels
- Quad Skates and Inline Skates

Looking to rent?  CLICK HERE for more information

Rules for Riding

Mikes Bike Park is a fun place for everyone to enjoy and we do this by having several rules for our participants.  Please take a few moments to read over the complete list of rules when you arrive.  Staff will expect everyone to follow these rules at all times while at Mikes Bike Park.

  • All Riders must have a waiver on file
  • Fastened Helmets are required at all times while riding
  • Functional Brakes, Gloves, Elbow and Knee Pads are recommended
  • Trails are directional, follow the arrows and never ride backwards
  • Tails and Features are for riders only, no pedestrians on course
  • Do not stop on or obstruct trails
  • Do not ride on trails or features outside of your ability level
  • Maintain control of yourself and equipment at all times
  •  When entering a trail yield to riders already on the trail
  • Obey all signs and warnings in the park
  • Do not ride in the sales area
  • It is a privilege to ride at Mikes Bike Park, be respectful and treat the facility as if you were a guest in someone's house
  • Fighting, threats, intimidation, foul language, and altercations in the park will not be tolerated and can lead to a temporary or permanent ban from Mikes Bike Park
  • If someone is injured, do not move them.  Contact a staff member as soon as possible
  • Be nice, be supportive, and most of all HAVE FUN!

*Riders who choose to not follow the rules will be asked to leave and no refund will be given